Episode #04 - Myths of BOTOX®

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2018


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Show Notes:

This week, we're talking about a topic that comes up in the practice literally every single day ... BOTOX®. There are a lot of misconceptions around BOTOX® due to the fact that practitioners aren’t taking the time to properly educate their patients about it and we want to help change that.

In this episode, we cover whether or not BOTOX® truly “paralyzes” the face and why you should never use that word, the importance of being conservative when it comes to BOTOX®, why BOTOX® can’t be used to give volume to lips, the three reasons BOTOX® is safe to use, what happens to the skin if BOTOX® treatment is stopped, the typical length of effectiveness for a BOTOX® treatment, the main mistake patients new to BOTOX® make in the beginning, whether or not BOTOX® injections are painful for most patients, how to prevent bruising at the injection sites, the ideal time to begin BOTOX® treatment, and more!


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